Potbank Dictionary Mugs


The Potbank Dictionary - now immortalised in the only way it should be - on decorated fine bone china, tea and coffee mugs made entirely in Stoke-on-Trent. A growing range of decorated mugs, manufactured by @foleypotterystoke 

Illustrations by @pamelawoolliscroft and definitions by Terry Woolliscroft @woollisox as published in this Potbank Dictionary.

This series of mugs are manufactured in fine bone china and fired in the Foley Pottery kilns at temperatures above 800C. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Height: 9cm approx. 
Diameter: 8cm approx.
Capacity: 300 ml approx.

The Potbank Dictionary Logo Wrap

The "title mug" . This logo has been used as the banner for the Potbank Dictionary since it was first created. Also in an all blue colourway.

What are Bottle Ovens and Kilns?

The mug shows an illustration of the four different types of bottle oven and kiln on one side and an explanation of what they are on the other.

What is a Saggar Makers Bottom Knocker?

Saggar Makers Bottom Knocker mug
available in black or blue print

The mug shows an illustration of the Saggar Makers Bottom Knocker at work on one side and an explanation of what he did on the other. It was heavy work and it took three minutes to knock a good bottom!

What is Lobby?

Food for the hungry potter. A delicious and nourishing and thin but lumpy soup. An illustration of a Lobby Pot (drawn by Pam Woolliscroft) on one side and an explanation of what lobby is on the other.

What is Wedging?

Lifting a large lump of clay to above head height, and then throwing it down onto onto another repeatedly. This frees the clay from air, makes the clay more consistent and renders it more 'plastic.' Also known in earlier times as slapping.