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The Potteries - off to a good start

Opportunities in The Pottery industry for school leavers 1959

" This booklet is primarily for the benefit of those of you who are about to take one of the most important steps in your life ... "

" If you choose the right job and the one you like, you have made a good start in life. If you choose an industry which has stood the test of time, which has become famed throughout the civilised world ... then you choose wisely. "

" The fact that no commodity is more widely needed all over the world than the output of The Potteries is, in itself, an assurance of permanent employment."


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The Potteries of Staffordshire

From The Collected Writings of Hermann August Seger 1872

" There are few industrial districts which are as interesting as the pottery towns of Staffordshire, not only on account of their enormous size and the variety of manufacture, but in a still higher degree, owing to the general, world-renowned reputation enjoyed by the products manufactured here for along time for their artistic and technical perfection."


Hon. Sec. of the William Salt Archaeological Society.

"In no country is there a district so utterly associated with one trade as is the North Staffordshire Potteries. One even speaks of the Potteries in the singular as of a pureplace-name. If you spoke in Timbuctoo or California of the Potteries, none could doubt that you were thinking of North Staffordshire."

Bottle Ovens and the Story of the Final Firing

by Terry Woolliscroft and Pam Woolliscroft

ISBN 978 0 9505411 3 6
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"Love this book's mixture of information, narrative, memories, snapshots, technical diagrams 
and the glossary of Stoke words."  Val Bott MBE

"...wonderful book! ...superbly detailed and presented - 

the copious illustrations and photographs are terrific."  Ray Johnson MBE

"…incredibly interesting, informative and very well illustrated. 

I can recommend it to anyone who is interested in the 
history behind the pottery industry." Brian Milner