What is? Maodup

Clogged - as in drain, if you pour slip down it!

WORDS OF THE WEEK - 13 July 2015 - ODD MAN

ODD MAN Occupation. Ovens Dept. More than a labourer. Could set his mind to virtually anything. But he worked particularly in the ovens department. One of his jobs would have been daubing clay on the clammins of an oven. Strange but true!

Odd Man checking the operation of the dampers on the crown of the oven
Last Bottle Oven Firing 1978    More here>

WORD OF THE WEEK - 6 July 2015 - THOB

THOB Potteries dialect word. Part of a bottle oven. The Hob. Just above the glut arch. "Put thee lobby on thob fur cape eat ot, duck."  But note that it is not where you would cook breakfast.  This was done directly on the fire, in the blazing mouth of the oven, using a British Standard No.8 shovel!