THIMBLE  Kiln furniture. Manufactured by pressing refractory clay into moulds. The conical base of one thimble fits into the open top of the thimble below so that a series, or tower, of thimbles make one upright support.  Three of these towers, in a triangular formation, create the individual supports for flatware, in a saggar, for glost firing.

WORD OF THE WEEK - 20 Oct 2014 - TEA

TEA Most potters thrive on tea. Tea is drunk is copious amounts during the potter's day particularly when they're taytered. But tea is also the main meal of the day, also known as dinner. Dinner can be taken at teatime for tea, after work. This is not afternoon tea which is between lunch or dinner and tea or dinner. Potters can, of course, have a dinner for tea - the evening meal. But note: A potter's dinner is eaten in the middle of the day, for lunch, at dinner time. Lunchtime is regarded as  'posh' - a posh dinnertime lunch.  Glad that's cleared up!

WORD OF THE WEEK - 6 Oct 2014 - WEDGWOOD SAVED (hoorah!)

The Wedgwood Collection, housed in Stoke-on-Trent and one of the most important industrial archives in the world, has been saved thanks to the generosity of thousands of individuals, several businesses and a number of grant-making foundations. The Company Pension Fund will benefit from the sale of the collection to the V&A in London. 3 Oct 2014