What is? BANJO

BANJO Kiln Furniture. A saggar with a particular shape. A bit like a banjo. Mainly for glost firing. Ideal for a double row of dottled muffins.

BANJO - you can see the shape of the banjo saggar
in this picture, bottom right

UPDATE - What is a MUFFIN?

Don't get confused!  An American Muffin is a small domed spongy cake made with eggs and baking powder. An English Muffin is leavened bread, beloved by the English aristocracy particularly in the early 20th Century and served in a Muffin Dish.

A Muffin Dish should not be confused with the Muffin which is a small pottery plate measuring 5 or 6 inches in diameter. So Banjos were for small pottery plates.

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What is? CRAZING

CRAZE and CRAZING Glaze fault. A network of fine surface cracks in glaze. Occurs due to stresses created in the glaze by expansion of the body. Results from a mismatch of thermal expansions of the glaze and body. The craze pattern can develop upon removal from the kiln or even years later. Crazing happens when a glaze is under tension.

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